Our warranty reflects our quality!

3-2-1 Standard extended warranty: Guaranteed BOMAG quality.
If you work a site hard, you need to be able to rely on your machines. This is why every BOMAG machine is tested thoroughly, inside and out. We have total confidence in the quality of our machines, which is why we offer the 3-2-1 warranty as standard. 

Content of warranty: 

• 1 year standard warranty
• Standard warranty for the respective assemblies in the 2nd and 3rd year, under the same conditions as standard warranty, so parts , travel and labour are included.
Warranty conditions:
Warranty performances require
• evidence of proper maintenance according to the maintenance instructions
• utilization of original BOMAG spare parts
• utilization of fuels and lubricants according to the maintenance instructions 3-2-1 warranty is provided only for new delivered machines. 3-2-1 warranty starts at the date of commissioning, according to the commissioning report, at the latest, however, 6 months after delivery ex works BOMAG.
Damage caused by accelerated wear and tear, this includes also the continuation of operation after the detection of a defect, improper handling and maintenance, use of unsuitable fuels and lubricants as well as the non-observance of the operating instructions, are not covered by this warranty. The same applies for damage resulting from normal wear and tear (i.e. drums).
BOMAG shall not be liable for subsequent damage such as downtime costs, compensation, rental costs for replacement equipment or lost profit resulting from a breakdown during the warranty period. Parts replaced during the warranty period become the property of BOMAG. Repairs and work during the warranty period, which was not performed by BOMAG or by personnel authorised by BOMAG, will lead to the loss of all warranty claims. Warranty claims can only be forwarded to BOMAG GmbH or BOMAG authorized dealers. 

Spare parts warranty
Spare parts which have been installed during repair have warranty until the end of the 3-2-1 warranty, but at least 12 months after the date of the invoice for the spare part. So, within the warranty of the machine parts, labour and travel are reimbursed according to BOMAG standard warranty conditions. After warranty of the machine only part costs are reimbursed for parts warranty. BOMAG’s obligation under this warranty is to either repair or replace parts and assembly groups which have been determined, upon inspection, to have been defective. BOMAG will not accept any claims for a reduction of the purchasing price or a replacement of the purchased object.